Hives are a Common Symptom Resulting from an Allergic Reaction

Hives: Allergic Reaction Michigan | Allergy & Asthma Center of Rochester - callout-hivesMore than 20% of people in the United States experience at least one episode of hives during their lifetime.

Hives can be localized around the waist, on palms of the hands or the bottom of the feet, around the neck, or generalized in which case the whole body is covered with welts. In severe cases swelling of the eyelids, lips, tongue, and throat can occur (also called angioedema).

Hives can have many causes such as allergies to foods, medication, animal dander, latex, house dust, house dust mites, mold, and pollen. Hives can also be caused by physical factors such as heat, cold temperature, pressure to the skin, exercise, and sweating. In addition, hives can be caused by acute or chronic infection, or stress. If you are suffering from hives, you should call today to be seen at our office. Allergy testing should be performed in order to determine whether or not hives are caused by allergies.

30 to 50% of patients who have chronic hives lasting more than 6 weeks frequently have an autoimmune disease with antibodies to thyroid proteins or IgE receptor. Blood tests will determine the presence of thyroid and IgE receptor antibodies in case of autoimmune disease.

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