The Allergy and Asthma Center of Rochester, Michigan is part of the Patient-Centered Medical Home Neighborhood (PCMHN).

In an effort to provide better coordination of care with your primary care physician, please read the following information below in order to better understand what PCMHN is and how it relates to you as a patient.

A Patient-Centered Medical Home Neighborhood is a partnership between the patient and their physicians. 

Being a part of a Patient-Centered Medical Home Neighborhood, my practice (Allergy and Asthma Center of Rochester, Michigan) agrees to:

  • Ensure effective communication, coordination and integration with PCMH practices, including appropriate flow of patient care information.
  • Provide appropriate and timely consultations that complement and advance the aims of the PCMH practices.
  • Establish an agreement with the PCMH regarding who will have the lead responsibility for care management.
  • Ensure that at every patient encounter, all medications currently taken by the patient are reviewed and updated, and any concerns regarding medication interactions or side effects are addressed.
  • Establish a system to address the needs of sub-acute, chronic and routine patients by having same-day appointments available for urgent patients and appointments within 1 - 3 weeks for sub-acute patients.
  • Follow-up and clearly communicate information about test order and test results to the patient and PCMH.
  • Ensure that patient care is coordinated with the PCMH as agreed across all health care settings.
  • Define parameters for the referral process from primary care physicians who refer high volumes of patients, including time-frames, scheduling process, transfer of patient information and reporting of results.

By choosing to participate in a Patient-Centered Medical Home Neighborhood, I agree to:

  • Ensure my doctor knows my entire medical history.
  • Inform my doctor of all the medications I am taking.
  • Actively participate with my doctor in planning my care.
  • Consult with my PCMH before making my own appointment with any other specialists.
  • Remind my doctor that they must send my PCMH a report, copies of lab work, test results and x-rays.
  • Know my insurance carrier and my covered benefits.
  • Provide my doctor feedback on how they can improve.
  • Keep my appointments as scheduled or notify my doctor of the cancellation 24 hours ahead of time.
For more information about what it means to be a Patient-Centered Medical Home Neighborhood (PCMHN, give us a call today at (248) 651-0606 to set up an appointment.
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