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At Allergy & Asthma Center of Rochester we perform quality and proven allergy testing methods to get to the root of your discomfort.

We use skin testing or scratch testing methods for allergy testing. Scratch testings allows us to detect immediate sensitivity to certain allergens like pollens of trees, animals, different foods and more! We follow different methods of scratch testing for adults and pediatrics.

Multi-Test Device

For adults, we use a device called a Doutip that is dipped into a solution of allergens and then applied to the skin where small scratches are made. The test will display a small mosquito bite if you have a reaction to a certain solution. For children, we use a multi-test device that give us the ability to test up to eight different allergens with a single touch to the skin. What parents need to understand is that just like getting a shot, kids may not enjoy being poked or touched by our nurses, which may give us the need for a temporary restraint in order for us to complete the test properly.

    Preparing for a Skin Test:

  • Don't take any allergy medications or decongestants 2 days before your test
  • Wear a loose-fitting shirt that can be removed for testing on your back and arms
  • You can eat like normal before coming to your test
  • Appointment last anywhere between 1.5 to 2 hours long
  • Check with your insurance company prior to your appointment to see if you have allergy testing coverage

Food allergies are becoming more prevalent in patients today.

Food Allergy

With food diets changing through centuries, food allergies are more common in society today. Nearly 4% of children and 2% of adults suffer from food allergies. Our doctors have over 40 years of experience with food allergy testing and treatment and can get to the bottom of your food allergy suffering.

Once you learn what foods your allergic to, our team gives you proper education on ways to avoid them to minimize the risk for accidental exposure. We also can provide you with an action plan for what yo do if you exposed or suffering from symptoms again. Food allergies can often times be "outgrown". While working with an allergist they will offer you everything to need to know following the condition and daily life.

Advanced Allergy Treatment in Southeast Michigan

Allergy Immunotherapy

There are several names for this treatment including, hypo-sensitization, desensitization or a more simpler version... allergy shots. This process is a series of injections that are administered over time. Each allergen that a patient suffers from is used in this shot. The most common allergens are weed, grass, dust mites, tree pollen, and mold. Each shot you get there will be a higher dose then the last shot until a maintenance dose is reached.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

Many people feel like immunotherapy is too expensive and time consuming. We highly recommend you reconsider that choice. First think about all the money you spend on your decongestants, antihistamines and whatever medication you used to keep the allergies away. Also take into account the time you've wasted or may have missed work before of your symptoms. Let us treat you the right way with allergy immunotherapy from our experienced doctors at Allergy Asthma Center of Rochester.

Sublingual Immunotherapy

The medical term for sublingual immunotherapy means "under the tongue." Also known as allergy drops, this method of allergy treatment is an effective way to introduce allergens to your body so that your immune system can adjust to them. These drops are placed underneath the tongue every day. Our doctors will provide you with a schedule fit for your own unique treatment. Allergy drops may be suitable for those who choose to decide against allergy shots.

There are many benefits of sublingual immunotherapy:

  • Take your allergy shots wherever you go!
  • No more shots!
  • You won't have to come into the office as often
  • Safe & effective for treating allergies to pollen, animal dander & dust
If your allergies are effecting your every day life, be sure to contact the professionals at Allergy & Asthma Center of Rochester. Our doctors are determined to help you life a life free from symptoms of allergies.
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