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Sighing Dyspnea


Sighing dyspnea is often mistaken for asthma. However, this diagnosis should be considered when pulmonary function is normal and there is no wheezing. Also, these episodes frequently occur at rest and rarely after exertion.


The patient is describing symptoms as “air hunger, not being able to take a full breath.” “Something is catching and preventing me from getting a full breath.” “I cannot breathe on a full level.” The symptoms are associated also with periodical necessity for deep breaths. The breathing pattern is growing more intense as the patient concentrates on the discomfort and thinks about the breathing pattern.


Obviously, with those symptoms a certain level of anxiety can be present, as the patient is worrying about perceived shortness of breath and not being able to breathe. Sometimes they may grasp from the chest or throat, and may try to relieve symptoms by opening up windows. Those symptoms can be very dramatic and obviously bring on a lot of concern from the patient and family members as well.


Many times the symptoms occur after recent major life events. In general, asthma medications are not helping in the treatment of this condition, and an evaluation by an experienced doctor is helpful in treating and decreasing the symptoms.


If you believe you might have this condition, call us today to get help.



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