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Allergy Avoidance Counseling


Avoidance counseling is the mainstay in treating allergies. We counsel our patients about how to avoid exposure to house dust, mites, mold, animal dander, pollens, as well as drugs and foods they are allergic to.


Advice for Allergy Avoidance


House Dust Mites:


--Encase the mattress and the pillow in an allergy-impermeable cover.

--Reduce indoor humidity to less than 50 percent.

--In children's beds, minimize the number of stuffed toys and blankets.

--Use air-cleaning devices, such as HEPA and electronic precipitating filters.

--Have air ducts cleaned.

--Remove carpets and use hardwood or linoleum floors in bedrooms.

--Use a pollen mask when vacuuming.




--Keep animals out of the house or at least out of the patient's bedroom.

--Bathe animals at least once a week.




--Use a dehumidifier to keep humidity at 50 percent or less.

--Avoid cutting the lawn, raking leaves, taking hay rides, and playing in sandboxes.

--Prevent water accumulation in basements and in bathrooms.




--Stay indoors shortly after sunrise and before sunset. Use air conditioning in the house.

--Use (sun)glasses when driving a car, riding a bike or motorcycle.

--Use a pollen mask when cutting the lawn.




--Avoid feather pillows and blankets, as well as feather-containing garments.

--Avoid exposure to birds.

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