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Monday: 9 - 6


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Wednesday: Closed


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Friday: 9 - 5


Closed for lunch each business day from

12 to 1 p.m.


Patients taking

allergy shots

who come close to closing should be here no later than

15 minutes before lunch or the end of the day when we close.


Office Numbers:


Tel: 248.651.0606


Fax: 248.651.5335



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Beaumont, Troy




Mercy St. Joseph's



*New Patients Welcome


*Same Day Appointments


*Most Insurances Accepted


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Patient Forms


Dear New Patient:


For your convenience, you can download our patient forms before you come for your initial visit.


To help save you time and from unnecessary printing, we have divided up the forms. One section consists of forms you need to bring to the appointment and another section consists of forms you do not need to bring but should read before the appointment.




Please make sure to print all the forms (10 pages total), fill them out, sign and date where appropriate, and bring them to your appointment. Please also remember to bring your insurance card, driver's license, and referral (if required by your insurance company).


Click here to download the patient forms. (Download file size: 1.3 MB. Please be patient for the forms to download.)




These forms contain our General Insurance and HIPAA Policy that you should read before your appointment. Please download them to review on your computer. You may also print them if you like for your records (3 pages total).


Click here to review them now. (Download file size: 456 KB. Please be patient for the forms to download.)


Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or later in order to access our patient forms.


If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or later, you can download it for free.


Click Here to get the correct Adobe Reader for your operating system (for Windows or Mac).


If you have downloaded the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader for your operating system and are still having trouble accessing the patient forms, just come to your appointment 15 minutes earlier and we will give you the patient forms to fill out.


Thank you again for selecting our office for your treatment. We look forward to meeting you soon. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Special Notice. Please Read: Effective August 1, 2009, the Allergy and Asthma Center of Rochester must comply with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (FACTA) as amended in October of 2007 to include Red Flag. In order to comply with FACTA and its Red Flag provision (to prevent identity theft), new patients are required to provide us with both their insurance card(s) and a valid picture form of ID.


Click here to read about our "Red Flag" policy and how it relates to you as a patient.

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Allergy and Asthma Center of Rochester

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