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Drug Allergies


Drug allergies are quite common. They can occur at any age or with any medication. Symptoms range from skin rashes, hives, trouble breathing, swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat to loss of blood pressure and shock. Liver and kidney damage as well as anemia can occur.


Most frequent drug reactions are due to antibiotics, especially penicillin or pain medications, particularly aspirin. Some patients have allergic reactions to local anesthetics or radiographic dyes used to perform kidney x-rays, cat-scans or heart catherizations.


Contrary to common belief, patients who are allergic to seafood or iodine do not appear to have an increased incidence of allergic reactions to radiographic dyes.


Unfortunately, allergy testing for drugs, except penicillin, is presently not available. However, some patients who are suspected to have a specific drug allergy can undergo a drug challenge in our office under supervised conditions.


Patients who are allergic to local anesthetics can be skin tested to alternate anesthetics to determine if they are allergic. Because of the complexity of drug allergies, you should call today to be seen at our office for an evaluation.

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