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Allergy and Asthma Center of Rochester

1135 West University Dr. #135

Rochester, Michigan 48307

Tel: 248 - 651 - 0606   Fax: 248 - 651 - 5335

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Monday: 9 - 6


Tuesday: 9 - 5


Wednesday: Closed


Thursday: 10 - 7


Friday: 9 - 5


Closed for lunch each business day from

12 to 1 p.m.


Patients taking

allergy shots

who come close to closing should be here no later than

15 minutes before lunch or the end of the day when we close.


Office Numbers:


Tel: 248.651.0606


Fax: 248.651.5335



Hospitals Affiliated with:


Beaumont, Troy




Mercy St. Joseph's



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*Same Day Appointments


*Most Insurances Accepted


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We are located at 1135 West University Dr., Suite # 135, in the Crittenton Medical Building. We are connected to Crittenton Hospital Medical Center in the back (the southwest side). Our nearest cross street is S. Livernois Rd. and W. University Dr. Below, we have provided you driving directions and a map showing our location. If you are still in doubt about how to get here, please feel free to call us at 248 - 651 - 0606 and we will provide you with accurate directions to our office.





You can use Google Maps below to find us too. Our location is where you see the "A" on the map. Zoom-In for more street level detail using the "+" sign or Zoom-Out for a larger geographic view of our location using the "-" sign. You can also move the map around by clicking the "-->" symbol.




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